Advanced Medical Products & Technologies

Advanced Medical Products & Technologies, Inc. (AMPT) is a Phoenix, Arizona based corporation formed in 2014 as a wholly-owned, operating division of Oncologix Tech, Inc.

AMPT’s primary mission is the distribution and sales of Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Home Medical Equipment (HME) and delivery of new breakthrough medical technologies and products designed for all segments of the healthcare industry. AMPT’s operational strategy is supported by regional wholesale distribution and service centers located across the U.S., and providing service support as our core premise to four (4) primary distribution channels:

  • Direct to consumer/patients via Medicare licensed retail locations serving the aging population across the United States
  • Wholesale/commercial distribution centers serving all institutional healthcare & medical providers throughout the U.S. and International markets
  • E-commerce and Internet sales promoting existing and new technologies to all segments of the market
  • Targeted International distributions serving emerging or underserved markets

AMPT will aggressively expand operations, by acquiring additional distribution entities and licensing rights to advanced medical technologies, where the value is greater than the acquisition price. Our acquisition strategy involves penetrating the top 20 demographic regions serving the elderly and baby boomer populations.