Who We Are

Oncologix Tech, Inc (OCLG), a Nevada Corporation, is a fully SEC reporting, diversified medical holding company traded on the (OTCPINK:OCLG) exchange. OCLG is currently comprised of three (3) divisions each led by a Division President responsible for the division units’ individual profit & loss and organic growth.

The company’s business model is structured to provide stable, fixed operating costs while permitting each operating unit to rapidly scale and grow. This allows the company to significantly mitigate working capital requirements and minimize bad debt exposure.

Headquarters - New Orleans, LA
Administrative Office - Grand Rapids, MI
Amian Angels - Lafayette/Alexandria, LA
Advanced Medical Products & Technologies - Phoenix, AZ
Dotolo Reasearch Corporation - Phoenix, AZ
Esteemcare - Columbia, SC

Core Values

We are passionate professionals who genuinely care and strive to improve the quality of life of our clients.

We strive to enter our business relationships with a sense of honesty, fairness, trust and moral fiber.

We work collaboratively with our colleagues and partners to create synergies, integral strategies, and intellectual fluidity.

Mission Statement:

OCLG will be the preferred provider offering a true continuum of care.

We will provide excellent and cost effective medical supplies and services.

We will provide a staff of compassionate, well-educated professionals utilizing technologically advanced medical equipment.

We will strive to keep communities healthy through educational and quality medical supplies and services.

Company History

1995 – Company was originally formed.
2000 – Business name change to Best-Net Communications Corp to reflect telecommunications business.
2006, July – Acquired Oncologix Corporation to develop a microsphere medical device to treat liver/cancer tumors. Started Phase I - FDA approval process.
2007, January – Changed name to Oncologix Tech, Inc. to reflect shift to medical device industry.
2007, February – Disposed of BestNet telecommunications business due to lack of profitability.
2007, December – Suspended Microsphere device development activities due to patent rejection.
2008-2012 – Continued work with German partners with development of Microsphere.
2013, March – Acquired Dotolo Research Corporation, Medical Device company - $1.5MM in revenues.
2013, August – Acquired Angels of Mercy, Inc., Healthcare Service company - $2.9MM in revenues.
2013, November – Disposed of Oncologix Corporation, obtained debt relief in process.
2013, December – Acquired Amian Health Services - $1.1MM in revenues.
2014, January – Received $4.0MM asset-based, line of credit revolver - TCA Global Fund.
2014, July – Formed Medical Products & Technology Division.
2014, July – Hired Harold Halman, President/COO-Medical Products & Technology Division.
2014, September – Acquired Esteemcare & Affordable Medical - $2.0MM in annual revenues.
2015, June – Hired Nikole Jessie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.
2016, November – Michael Kramarz became Chairman/CEO.